Energy Saving, ‘A’ rated glazing

All properties inevitably lose heat through the windows.

But now, with new technology energy-efficient glazing will keep your home warmer and quieter as well as lowering your energy bills.

Our high-performance low-E glass products such as ‘Pilkington K Glass’ are recognised as being an essential component in improving the energy efficiency of windows and can help windows to qualify for Energy Saving Recommended status.

‘Pilkington K Glass’ is rapidly becoming recognised at the low-E glass of choice in order to achieve the best possible Window Energy Ratings.

Improves Functionality…

– Improves thermal insulation

– Reduce heat loss more effectively than traditional low-E coatings.

– Enhances passive solar heat gain

– Solar heat passes easily through the glass helping to warm your home.

– Improved energy efficiency

– Lower fuel bills is a very important consideration for today’s ever-rising energy costs.

– More comfortable living environment

– Improved thermal insulation leads to fewer drafts and cold spots and a more consistent ambient temperature in your home.

– Reduce condensation. Energy efficient glazing reduces significantly any internal condensation and thus also prolongs the life expectancy of your windows.

Enhances Appearance…

– No unsightly tinting

– As opposed to traditional low-E coatings that can exhibit an unsightly yellow tint, SGG Planitherm is very clear.

– Extra light

– Less tinting also means more light can enter into the room, making it more amenable, and also reduces the need for electric lighting.

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  • “Your fitting team did an EXCELLENT job of the windows and doors – despite the house not being the most ‘square’, or easy to work with. They were polite, professional, and left so little mess, all I’ve had to do is go round with the hoover and mop the floors! Thank you for carrying out the work to such a high standard – I love the new doors and windows. Excellent value for money.” –Dr Fitzpatrick, Slater St. Latchford

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  • “We would like to thank you for your work, the conservatory is a joy to behold and we look forward to reaping the benefits of your hard work”. –D Broadhurst, Marcross Close, Callands, Warrington